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Our History

Since 2017, Mike Newhook has been the visionary behind 3 aquaponic/hydroponic farms. With 2 large commercial farms launched in the Philippines, a prototype hydroponics farm that launched in rural Alberta, now expanded as an urban farm running successfully in Edmonton, Alberta. Vertical Roots is excited to expand across Canada and beyond to bring fresh food &  sustainable growth to local communities.

Our Mission

Vertical Growing is becoming a more viable option for bringing fresh food to local communities. Whether you are in a rural Alberta town or urban city, Vertical Roots has created a system that can change lives and bring fresh, healthy, chemical-free food to families around the world! We now offer a Turn-Key Hydroponics Farm with everything you need to run your own community-based hydroponics farm!

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We LOVE to connect with other like-minded, future-focused community members! If you are wanting more information on becoming a Vertical Roots Farmer please fill in this form to give us a starting place for the call. There is no commitment required, but this questionnaire will give us a starting place. We look forward to speaking with you! 


Shilan, Philippines

In 2017-2019, Mike and Becky launched a commercial aquaponics farm in Shilan, Benguet, Philippines. It was a new way of life, with less hard labour but more reward and the ability to withstand the seasons. Local, Chemical-free produce is hard to find so this farm created the opportunity for that.  

La Trinidad, Philippines

In 2018, an opportunity arose to partner with local missionaries who witnessed the aquaponics farm’s set up and launch in Shilan. They cleared the family land of traditional farming and gained investment to launch their own aquaponics farm. A second aquaponics farm was launched and continues to this day to provide the community with fresh, chemical free greens! 

Tofield, Alberta

In 2020, Mike and Becky, with a bridge loan from family and an old building in rural Alberta, built a hydroponics prototype in Canada. They ventured into a small prototype to see the viability of such a farm and to prove the concept.  After 9 months it was profiting and sold out! Vertical Farms are the future and the answer to bringing access to fresh food to any location or climate.

Edmonton, Alberta

In December of 2021, Mike and Becky moved Vertical Roots Canada to Edmonton as they were in need of more space to expand as well as be in the urban area for market reach. The new location is 1800 SqFt and can grow over 1200 heads a week! Currently at Bountiful Farmers Market every weekend, the demand continues to grow and more farms are being planned around Canada for 2023 to bring fresh, affordable food solutions to local communities. 

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