Our Story

How We Started

The story of Vertical Roots starts back in 2018 when now owners, Mike and Becky Newhook visited their friends in the Philippines. Mike shared with them the idea of Aquaponics as a quicker way to grow leafy greens, with larger profits. Within a few weeks, our friends had torn down their chicken coop and had started to build an NFT Hydroponics system. Over the next 6 months, we sent funds to support their endeavors and proof of the system worked and we began to look for land. Mike and Becky relocated their family to Baguio, Philippines and in 7 months we built 2 Aquaponics commercial farms, producing over 20,000 heads of lettuce monthly. We were able to create more jobs and introduce healthy greens that are never sprayed with chemicals.


Launching in Canada

In March 2020, when the world shut down, Mike decided to play around with Hydroponics in the back of a garage. With the inability to travel back to Asia, and with a lot of time on his hands the testing began! Within 6 weeks the most beautiful lettuce was being produced. After much testing, budgeting, and planning the concept of Vertical Roots was born and Mike and Becky began to slowly test the waters for local sales and spread the word about their product. 

Our Canadian farm was born in September 2020, with a bridge loan from family along with land and a building to rent, Vertical Roots first prototype farm was launched! In less than 1 year we had over 300 customers and we were averaging 300 heads of lettuce a week! With the first year being such a huge success we knew we had to expand. We have a passion for seeing high-quality, year-round, locally produced food, using technologies such as hydroponics, spread across Canada.


Empowering Local Growers

Our vision has always been to see locally owned and operated, small-medium vertical farms across Canada. These create food supply security and minimize the need for imported fresh food.

As of 2024, Vertical Roots Canada has launched 3 licensees in Edmonton, Leduc and St. Paul. With 2 Ontario locations in the works and more interest coming from Southern Alberta we anticipate more expansion in 2025. With a passion for year-round, local food production, and food supply sustainability, the future is bright with hydroponics. Stay tuned for what’s next for Vertical Roots Canada…it’s going to be amazing!


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