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Chemical Free Lettuce

Hydroponics is a faster, cleaner, safer, more sustainable form of agriculture. Nutrient-rich water flows directly over the root system creating ideal growing conditions. This Canadian hydroponics farm is located in Beaver County, Alberta, and is owned and operated by long-time residents with years of expertise in hydroponics on a commercial scale.

Fresh and Local

Vertical Roots lettuce is picked SAME DAY to ensure the freshest taste and results. You will never taste sweeter, fresher lettuce.

At Vertical Roots, we understand that quality, value, and minimal waste are a must! Our leafy greens are not only chemical-free and locally hydroponically grown, the taste will set your food above the rest. CLICK HERE to request a Free Sample Pack Delivery.

Satisfied Customers

Our first customers who were selected to take part in our test batches were all smiles!

– Helen Seaborne –
Personal Trainer YEG
– Owners/Operators –
Blooms and Harvest YEG
– Dana Marion –
Nutrition and Health Coach

Year Round Growing

Our outdoor season in Alberta is short, and having fresh local produce can be very challenging. Hydroponics opens the door to year-round growing of fresh, nutritious lettuce no matter what the season! Check out our current lettuce varieties available.

Grand Rapids

Grand Rapids is the best known loose-leaf lettuce variety. This variety produces medium to large upright, light green leaves. The mild and flavorful leaves are frilled and crisp. 


Sturdy, crunchy, and packed with nutrition, romaine lettuce is a hearty salad green. Also known as cos lettuceromaine lettuce is known for its nutritional benefits and savory, yet neutral taste.


Buttercrunch yields leaves that are delicate and yet strong enough to roll into lettuce wraps. Also the perfect size for salads and adds vibrant color, flavour, and texture too.

We Deliver

Home Delivery is available for a small fee. We also have local pick up points that have no delivery charge required.

Lettuce Subscriptions

A weekly lettuce subscription will make life easy for your family and guarantee healthy food in your home!

Always Fresh

Missing fresh lettuce in the winter season? No worries! We grow YEAR ROUND in our controlled indoor growing space.

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